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                             55 East 115 th Street Suite #101 Ground Floor

                                             New York, N. Y. 10029

                           Tel. 212 860. 4100 /4341     Fax. 212.860. 3509

                          Our Founder's: Angel  L. Colon & Luis Nieves Falcon


This site is an  effort to give you a general  idea of the work

we have been doing for the past years, and the work we

expect to do.  United, we can solve the problems of the community using our own resource: our own people.



     We know this is only the begining. our union and our creative effort will allow us to accomplish the goals we have envisioned.  "EL NUEVO BARRIO"  "THE NEW NEIGHBORHOOD"  EL NUEVO BARRIO represents hope, a

new community where we can live with dignity and, at

the same time, our precious traditions and culture.


       We invite you all , like an extended family to

participate in this community effort.




                                         Angel Luis Colon




Angel Luis Colon



Hector M. Santana


Juaquin Pagan


Juanita Ortiz


Dolores Brantley


Eugene Rodriguez


Antonio Rivera



Hilda Candy Vives-Vasquez

         Executive Director


               Vice Chair






        Recording Secretary







Building Our Future

One Block At A Time



During the initial phase the

association developed three

levels of community work.

A building survey was conduc-

ted to gather information  on

building conditions, ownership, financial status,

management and tenant location. A comprehensive

master plan for housing and

based on the findings of the survey was prepared for the

target areas.

Photographic survey of building  conditions.

A Non - Profit organization that has gone from  a mission to fruition.

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Ready, Set, Apply for affordable Housing in New York City.


Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer,

                        Go Green Initiative.

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New York State East Harlem

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